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We also offer customized treatments for preventative care, specific massage therapy and rehabilitation.

Type of Massages:

                     Swedish Oil Massage
                     Deep Tissue Massage 

                     Hot Stone Massage
                     Trigger Point Therapy
                     Reflexology Therapy

                     Chair Massage

                     Acupressure Massage

                     Foot Masssage

                     Sport Massage



Acupressure Massage: 

- Meridians and Points

The twelve meridians are connected with each other through the hand-foot, Yin-Yang and interior-exterior relations. They form the system of cyclic flow so that Chi(Qi) and blood can travel all over the body to Zang-Fu organs interiorly and to the muscle and superficies exteriorly, nourish the whole body.


The Meridians is a comprehensive term of "Jingluo" in Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM). They are the passages through which the Qi can be conducted.

The meridians mainly refer to the paths of main trunks which run up and down, interiorly and exteriorly within the body. The branches of meridians are called collaternals. These networks, thinner and smaller than meridians, run crisscross over the body. The meridians and its collaterals belong to the Zang-Fu organs interiorly and extend to the extremities and joints exteriorly integrating the Zang, the Fu, tissues and organs into an organic whole, by which they transport Chi (Qi) of blood and regulate Yin and Yang, keeping the functions and actives of the all parts of the body in harmony and balance relatively.

Benefits of Massage:


 Trigger Point Therapy: 

    - Manage pain and stress from chronic injuries.
    - Increase muscular control.   

    - Relieve muscular pain and stiffness.
    - Improve the health of muscular system.

                     Relieve Stress


                     Provide deep pain relief 

                     Alleviate insomnia