1) 90mins Couples: $110/each

    We offer 90mins Combination of deep tissue, hot stone,          reflexology couples massage, professional and customized      treatments are included in the 90mins couples massage.




2) 90mins Massage and Facial: $160

   We offer combination of massage treatments and Facial           $120 for 90mins.




3) 6 times of 60mins massages packages: $400/6hrs

    You could share the packages with someone for
    $420 for the 6hrs massages.




Facial: $60 (for all skin type)

Reduce stress and relieve muscle tension while toning facial tissue.


Eliminates surface impurities and treats individual concerns.

It includes cleasning, gentle exfoliation, massage and mask.




Microdermabrasion:  $100


Non-surgical and treatment
   Minimize fine lines, sun damage, enlarged pores scars

   Removal of pimples and acne

   Cleaning of pores

   Promoting new cell growth

   Treatment for age spots, stretchmarks

   Reduces irritation and redness

   Alleviates tired eyes

   Soft, shiny and perfect skin

We offer combination of massage treatments and Facial $160 for 90mins.