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Tel:  267-467-1777        

Benefits of Massage:

     Swedish Massage Therapy:

- Release muscle tension.
- Provide deep pain relief.
- Loosen scar tissue and length muscles.
- Good for chronic and injuries due to overuse.
                               - Improve mental concentration.

  Hot Stone & Deep Tissue Massage Therapy:

 - Release muscle tension
 - Provides deep pain relief
 - Loosen scar tissue and length muscles
                                    - Good for chronic and injuries due to overuse

Acupressure & Trigger Points Therapy:   

Acupressure (a portmanteau of acupuncture and Pressure) is a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) technique derived from Acupuncture. Physical pressure is applied to acupuncture points by the hand, elbow, or with various devices.   

  - Relieves muscular pain and stiffness.
  - Improve the health of muscular system.
  - Manage pain and stress from chronic injuries.

Back Walking Massage Therapy:   

Also called Ashiatsu Massage, is a barefoot massage technique that requires the therapist to use their feet instead of their hands to perform the massage. A therapist will have a person lay face down on a massage table. The therapist will use ropes, bars, stools or benches to balance themselves above the client.

- Ideal for massaging large muscles such as the thigh or trapezius muscles of the back.

-incredibly effective in pain reduction. This type of massage goes below the surface layers, manipulating the deeper layers of soft tissue.

Advanced Body Treatments

Swedish Massage:

    60 mins  - $70.

    90 mins  - $110.

    120 mins  - $140.

Hot Stone & Deep Tissue:

    60 mins  - $70.

    90 mins  - $110.

    120 mins  - $140.

Acupressure & Trigger Points:

    60 mins  - $70.

    90 mins  - $110.

    120 mins  - $140.

Ashiatsu Back Walking & Stretching Massage:

    60 mins - $90.

    90 mins - $130.   

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